Our Vision of Great food

When we first started PrimeTime Donair, we wanted to create more than just a quick-service restaraunt. We wanted to create a place where anyone can come to a comfortable environment in which they could enjoy a sense of home. Since we began, we have created an establishment where our customers relay their experiences to their friends and come back time and time again.

Now that we are a well-established brand, we want to give others the opportunity to share in our vision and create their own PrimeTime Donair.


Learning From The Best

You have the chance to work with a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate cooks and customer service specialists. We will personally educate and guide you to become leaders of your own PrimeTime Donair, a place where people can come for great quality home-cooked food at excellent prices.


A Proven System

We have years of experience using our proven strategies. As a PrimeTime Donair franchise owner, you will receive in-depth training in all aspects of the business. You will be heavily supported by our expertise, and we will help you deploy tested marketing tools to fill your franchise with eager and hungry customers.


Brand Equity

PrimeTime Donair has a reputation that is unmatched in the area. PrimeTime Donair is a leader in providing home-cooked meals to customers who are looking for something a little more. We have nurtured our image from the beginning, and we now boast an excellent reputation with our large base of repeat customers. PrimeTime Donair is a brand that demands respect, it is a brand you will be proud to wear on your shoulder.


Making a Difference

In quick-service food, the biggest factors that contribute to success is education and dedication. The same is true for owning a franchise. There is a lot that we can teach you, but there is even more that you can teach yourself. The more you learn about our brand, the more your customers will trust you, and the more successful you will be.


Start Your Venture Today

You are here because you want to be a success, and you are ready to take that first step to fulfill your dream of owning your own business.

Step 1

Initial Phone Interview – Get in touch to arrange a telephone interview.

Step 2

Mutual Discovery – If our initial interview generates mutual interest, you will proceed to the next stage, when we will disclose many features of the PrimeTime Donair business to you. At the same time, we will thoroughly assess your potential to be a successful franchisee.

Step 3

Confidential Application – We will review your Application and other relevant information. If approved, you will be awarded the franchise —and proceed towards your target Grand Opening date.

Step 4

Grand Opening – The process from awarding your franchise to your Grand Opening typically takes a few months, during which we will fully train you, assist you with site selection, and provide the materials and guidance to succeed as a PrimeTime Donair franchise owner.


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